On your First Visit Please remember to bring:

  • Intake forms—please fill out & bring
  • Insurance information if relevant (PPO, MVA, etc.)
  • Doctor referral to PT if needed
  • Comfortable clothing to move in & see the involved part of your body


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Your First Visit

Move Easy Physical Therapy offers a private confidential space for each patient and consultation. Deena sees each patient one-to-one.

Plan on 60 minutes for your first visit. You’ll fill out an intake form (which you can print out now, complete, and bring with you). Deena will go over it with you in detail, and ask any follow up questions that come up. She will evaluate your physical condition, begin treatment and develop your individual treatment plan.

Deena will devise a plan that addresses your health challenges and health goals. Treatment will likely consist of various in-office treatments and home exercises. Deena understands that what works for one person might not work for another—even for a similar physical condition—because we all differ in our bodies, our attitudes and our available time and energy.