"You've taught me how to sit, stand, and move, showing me how the muscles, bones, and tendons work. All of the exercises you've given me amplify and facilitate the movement instruction, easing my daily activities, both professional and recreational."

Alison Gigi Dang
Professional Classical Violinist
MVA/back injury

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Who We Treat

Move Easy Physical Therapy treats all sorts of people for various types of injuries and accidents.

  • Adolescents to seniors – from 13 years to 90+
  • Working adults.

Deena understands that patients with busy lives need to be healthy, but have limitations of available time and energy.

  • Older adults wishing to optimize their activity level and comfort.
  • Athletes of any sport, fitness level, or age.

Deena works with professional athletes, student athletes, and anyone in training whether for professional or personal fitness goals.

  • Dancers, actors, and musicians.

Deena works with professional dancers, dance teachers, and serious students in training programs—and also people who enjoy dance as a hobby or exercise. She treats dancers of ballet, contemporary, modern, hip hop, jazz and ballroom.

Deena also works with musicians—professional, students and hobbyist—who play any instrument including voice.