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Happy, healthy patients have told us how Move Easy Physical Therapy helped them recover, through physical therapy, Aston-Patterning® or dance medicine.

Physical Therapy


"I am stunned and delighted to report that I recently returned from spring-break week down south, where I rode on a roller coaster with my 3 kids . . . personally pedal-powered a 4-passenger "surrey" for 45 minutes while the 3 kids apparently forgot how to pedal . . . and even hit a few tennis balls (yep, over the net). This would not have been possible without you, Deena, and your healing treatments and warm, compassionate teaching. It's hard to believe that only 12 weeks ago, I dragged my middle-aged body into Move Easy PT because of an acutely painful muscular/nerve injury. I couldn't raise my left arm or turn my head fully. For weeks, my shoulder had felt like it was gripped in a thorny vise. But you figured it all out, and guided me, and myofascial-released me, and showed me dozens of vital exercises, and equipped me with TheraBands, exercise ball, and other exercise gear, and you made me laugh, and voila! I am back in action. Forever grateful to you."

Linda J.


"In my third meeting with Deena to correct a frozen rotator cuff, we were working on exercises for the ailing left shoulder. Deena suggested I do the same exercise with the normal right shoulder. This action seemed to teach the left shoulder what to do and what the safe ranges were. I have applied this between sessions; today using the "teach the other one" method, I am getting a 10% increase in range on the left arm after doing the same exercise with the right arm. The left arm, normally tense and leathery and painful) is very noticeably more relaxed and open after I do the same exercise with the right arm.

I was not able to "snow angel" when I came to Deena, and today, with a 3 lbs weight, I almost got my arm flat to the ground in the full "snow angel" range. (For those who did not grow up in the snow needed to make angels, this is jumping jacks laying down.)

I have my fourth meeting with Deena on Wednesday. In the third session, my range of motion had increased from 20% (first session) to 45% in the two positions we have measured. I would expect to see another 10% or more jump by Wednesday, especially since one arm is teaching the other one so well."

Holly Babe Faust
Executive Director, Oakland Youth Chorus

Frozen Rotator Cuff


"I've seen Deena twice now, once to assess, and then the last time to start treatment. Let me tell you, she can really do the manual therapy that needs to be done! I have alot of muscle issues from a knee injury, and limited motion because of it. She really took the time to sort things out. I felt better immediately, can tell a difference. I will be returning regularly!"

Sierra V.


"I had the great pleasure of working with Deena recently at a retreat in Arizona. In just a few short minutes she gave me more ways to release my carpal tunnel syndrome than I had found in years of unproductive searching.

And oh those hands! Deena surely has a magic touch. Even though we had only a few minutes together, her treatment allowed me a greater range of pain free movement.

Thank you Deena for all you shared with me."

Sherris Cottier Shank
Southfield, MI


"I was sure that I was headed for arthroscopic surgery and wanted to see if there was a way to avoid it.  My homeopathic practitioner recommended that I call and make an appointment with Deena regarding this problem.

I immediately followed her suggestion and made an appointment with her.  During the consultation and with her observation, she found that my knee problem was a result of my broken hip three years earlier.  Unknown to me, I had developed a pattern of favoring my right leg.

After four sessions with her, during which time, she observed, massaged, and realigned my pattern of walking, I am now pain free and am aware of the way I should walk.  I am so grateful to her for the knowledge and ability that she has.  I would recommend her to anyone."

Edith Escher
Headed for arthroscopic surgery due to knee troubles


"Thanks so much for being there when I recently needed assistance with my hands and arms.  I have been experiencing extreme pain due to tendinitus prior to being treated.  The actual treatment sessions you gave offered immediate reduction in the pain levels and the many therapy suggestions you gave me were most helpful as I continue therapy at home.  I have little to no pain today.  And, should tendinitus rear its ugly head again, I have immediate therapies at my disposal to give me relief from severe pain.

Thanks, Deena, for what you have done to keep me sane."

John Roderick
Extreme pain due to hand tendinitis


"As a result of my work with Deena Levy P.T., I’ve made substantial improvement in my ability to stand and walk for longer periods.  Also my back is now stronger and more flexible.

I had problems with severe plantar fasciitis which prevented me from walking more than short distances and even prolonged standing was uncomfortable.  In addition, I had low back pain.  I saw a variety of treatment providers over a period of years including six physical therapists, several chiropractors and different types of body workers.  I also took Pilates training, Feldenkrais and the Alexander technique.  Many of the treatments yielded some short term improvement, but unfortunately, nothing really led to substantial ongoing lessening of the symptoms.

I began treatment with Deena Levy P.T. in May of 2005 after a referral from a chiropractor.  One of the first things I noticed about her is that she is very holistic.  Although I came in complaining about my foot and my back, she looked at my whole body and utilized a variety of techniques.  Among the things she worked on were improving my posture, teaching me to walk differently and teaching me a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises.  Each session with her is totally unique.  A typical session might include her doing hands on manipulation, and instructing me on certain postures, and critiquing various exercises previously taught.  As my body responded to treatment, new problems sometimes arose.  Deena was always able to deal with the new developments.

Many of the techniques she employed were not new to me.  In fact, many had suggested by other practitioners, but for various reasons had not been successful.  One key element is Deena’s ability to teach and explain things clearly.  Instead of giving me a handout, she took the time to demonstrate it herself and then to observe me doing the exercise several times.  Then she gave me the handout, and then she followed up at the next appointment to be sure I was doing it right.  Sometimes a subtle adjustment made a huge difference.

These are just some of the reasons that make Deena Levy such a talented and caring Physical Therapist.  Finally, she has a great sense of humor which makes PT much more fun."

Thomas W. White
Plantar Fasciitis and low back pain


"After my car accident I needed a PT. I was referred to Deena from whom I received guidance for my post traumatic stress, customized treatment for my ripped and frozen muscles, analysis and hands-on expertise that balanced my contorted torso, and best of all, bridging into self healing with easy-to-follow instructions.

Deena puts the whole in holistic."

Jan Walker
Occupational Therapist


“Deena Levy was my therapist from August 1990 through June 1991. My injuries included an avulsion fracture of the right shoulder, and a bruised left shoulder and knee. In addition I had open-heart surgery and a stroke, all of which added up to a complex, multi-layered rehabilitation problem.

Deena’s expertise and experience, insights, and encouragement, helped me to make a faster and more complete recovery than would have been possible without her. Her unfailing good spirits made what could have been just hard work into an interesting and fulfilling experience. I appreciate her help and am grateful that she was my therapist.”

W. Kolankowski
Top Executive for S.F. Manufacturing Company

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“I am grateful for the professional help and loving care, which I have received from Deena.  The patterning work has enabled me to experience a freedom of movement I have yet to feel from any other type of bodywork.

The Aston-patterning technique is gentle, yet profound.  I have been able to see transformations in my carriage and stride immediately following each session.  I appreciate the entire process from consultation, massage and manipulation to guess on how to incorporate the change into my daily life.

Moreover, I am honored to witness Deena’s expansion as a health professional.  Her skill, sensitivity and intuition emerge like a bouquet in full bloom.  Her enthusiasm and spirit are a joy to behold.”

Linda Harris
Experienced transformations in carriage and stride after every session.


“As a martial artist and personal trainer, I prided myself on having “good” posture.  Working with Deena Levy helped me to understand the amount of effort I had to expend to maintain that posture and how inefficient it was for my body.  Using Aston-Patterning, Deena helped me to establish a neutral spine without the excess effort.  Now I feel I have posture which is much more maintainable and comfortable.  In addition, she assisted me with my walking movement so that now my body seems to move itself through the motion.  I will happily refer my own clients to Deena based on my own positive experience and results.”

Karen Parker
Athlete and Certified Personal Trainer
Put effort into “perfect” posture


“The sensation of being in balance, being where my body is meant to be is a subtle yet profound joy. Freedom of movement & flexibility are liberating where one has become habituated to constriction.”

Ken Schwartz
Occupational Therapist
Consulted Deena when his body was off balance


“Suffering from painful stress–related muscle spasms, I turned to traditional medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, biofeedback, and nutritional change.  Each provided temporary relief to some degree, but no permanent progress.  I found Aston-Patterning to provide the greatest relief in my situation because it helps me to change old patterns, accepts asymmetry that my body needs to have present, and enables me to participate in formulating my own therapy.  It is the only therapy that has worked for me on a long- term basis.”

Craig Scott

Stress-related muscle spasms

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Dance Medicine

“Deena Levy is an outstanding physical therapist, and particularly a blessing for dancers. There are so many exceptional things about the work that Deena does, but I think what I have come to appreciate the most is her concern for -and attention to- how our work will actually be applied in my real life. I have seen many physical therapists over the course of my career, and never have I encountered someone so dedicated to learning about the patterns of her clients’ lives and committed to trying to place her solutions into that context, rather than the other way around. In this way, Deena’s approach is comprehensive and all-encompassing; she does not simply treat a person’s injury, but instead looks to understand and improve their overall quality of life.”

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!!!”

Genevieve Custer Weeks
Professional Ballet Dancer (Oakland Ballet & freelance artist)


"Wow! I have never seen so many dancers as pleased with a PT as they were with you! Every single dancer that you worked with today said that you went right to their problem! You spoke confidently and reassuringly as to what the appropriate action and therapy should be. It was so gratifying to see all of my ballet friends relieved, not only of pain but, sometimes more importantly, relieved of their concerns by your expertise and compassion."

Alexis Drabek
Ballerina & Soloist


“You’ve taught me how to sit, stand, and move, showing me how the muscles, bones, and tendons work. All of the exercises you’ve given me amplify and facilitate the movement instruction, easing my daily activities, both professional and recreational.”

Alison Gigi Dang
Professional Classical Violinist
MVA/back injury


“Due to Beatrice’s age physical therapy was bumped up or cut back, but Deena was willing to help. Thankful for your work with daughter during the Nutcracker season. You helped her execute 9 years of hard work with a body that was objecting to the strain. “

Carol Phillips
Mother of Beatrice a young ballet dancer


"My daughter is a young ballet dancer and her teacher suggested she get a Physical Therapy evaluation.  I chose Deena Levy because of her own dance background and extensive work with dancers. Deena was very kind with my daughter and immediately put her at ease.  She performed a gentle evaluation and had some very straightforward suggestions on how she could make age-appropriate adjustments during her dance class.  She also gave my daughter some gentle stretching exercises for strength and alignment.  My daughter and I were very pleased with our experience with Deena and I would definitely call on her again for any other Physical Therapy needs in the future."

Signed: "Mother of young ballet dancer"

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