"After my car accident I needed a PT. I was referred to Deena from whom I received guidance for my post traumatic stress, customized treatment for my ripped and frozen muscles, analysis and hands-on expertise that balanced my contorted torso, and best of all, bridging into self healing with easy-to-follow instructions.

Deena puts the whole in holistic."

Jan Walker
Occupational Therapist

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy means treatment by physical methods, such as massage and therapeutic exercise instead of medication or additional surgery.

  • Move Easy’s approach to physical therapy combines:
    • Manual therapies, including bodywork, myofascial release, joint mobilization, and muscle energy technique
    • Movement re-education
    • Ergonomic problem solving
    • Therapeutic exercise including Pilates, strength, core strength, stretch, and balance
    • Ultrasound, infrared light therapy, and electric stimulation
    • Home exercise equipment, such as Physioball, foam roller and Thera-Band
    • A home program, with self-care instruction, to achieve your goals and prevent recurrent problems.
  • Deena’s integrated techniques will:
    • Calm your concerns about what how the injury impacts your life
    • Help you overcome the confusion of “not knowing what to do” about your injury
    • Decrease the pain, the inflammation and the limiting movement patterns
    • Release trauma associated with acute injury
    • Speed rehabilitation from surgeries
    • Reduce suffering from chronic conditions such as back pain, sciatica, or hand and joint problems from repetitive stress.
  • The goals of physical therapy include:
    • Better range of motion, flexibility and coordination
    • Increased endurance and strength (especially core strength)
    • Improved posture, balance and mobility
    • Improved performance in work, dance, sports or leisure activities

In addition to therapeutic treatment, Deena will teach you how to problem-solve so you can prevent recurrent problems, modify your living and working environment to stay safe and sound, and function at your greatest potential.