Ergonomics/PT Package


  • A one hour, on-site ergonomic consultation addressing the area of your choice (office, car, etc.)
  • A one hour physical therapy session at Move Easy Physical Therapy to treat areas of stress or tension or repetitive strain.
  • A home exercise program to keep you moving and healthy
  • All for $300


This combo of ergonomics and treatment can help decrease neck pain, reduce back tension, & prevent repetive strain. This is a fun, informative & very affordable introduction to Move Easy Physical Therapy.

Call now to schedule your Package Deal available now. Let's release & redesign our lives to Move Easy in 2013!


Ergonomics is the study and science of how people move, sit and work. We assess your work environment to help you interact efficiently and safely with your work tools (whether it’s your computer or your cello) or your hobbies (whether it’s your sewing machine or your saxophone).

Move Easy PT will come to your business or home office and evaluate your work environment while reviewing your daily tasks. Our assessment focuses on how you move and work within your particular environment. Our goal is to have the environment fit you, instead of you trying to accommodate to your body to the environment. Our recommendations will improve your comfort, efficient use of energy, and productivity.

For an office space, we check your chair, desk, keyboard, mouse, monitor, lighting, and work patterns to find the optimal arrangement. We also teach you how to take care of yourself during the work day: Frequent breaks and simple exercises can help you prevent repetitive strain injuries, overuse injuries, and postural strains.

We can also show you proper posture, appropriate seating position, safe lifting techniques and adaptive equipment that will make your workspace ergonomically suited to your needs.

An ergonomic assessment is an investment in your continued good health! To make it affordable, we work with you to find economical solutions that will fit in your budget, and prioritize what changes will be the most effective.

Frankly, a poor ergonomic setup can lead to acute or chronic injury and pain, loss of work time, and medical expense. If you are already experiencing symptoms, such as neck or back pain, headaches, or the numbness and tingling that come from nerve strain, do not delay: call your doctor or make an appointment with Move Easy Physical Therapy for help stopping the progression of your injury!