"I went to Deena with shooting back pain and a mysteriously swollen knee and reduced knee flexibility.

Within weeks I was back in the gym, knee swelling was gone, and flexibility was back.

Deena helped me 'relearn' how to walk in a way 'that nature intended' - or at least in a way my body was happier with - and showed me simple exercises to correct posture.

For the transformation she helped create, this was perhaps the most cost-effective investment I've ever made in health!"

Greg C., UC Berkeley professor

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Aston-Patterning® is an integrated system of movement education, bodywork and environmental evaluation developed by Judith Aston. The goal of Aston-Patterning® is to assist the individual in reclaiming the natural, unstressed body structure beneath all the layers of tension.

As a certified Aston-Patterning® practitioner, Deena helps reveal and define your body’s individual posture and movement patterns, while training your body to move more efficiently and effortlessly. Move Easy Physical Therapy provides a comfortable, open and calm environment that allows clients to unravel the movement and body patterns they want to change.

Deena had the opportunity to study with Judith Aston, integrative medicine pioneer and founder of Aston-Patterning®, in the late 1980s. Working directly with Ms Aston helped Deena hone her skills of observation, palpation bodywork, and problem solving.